Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Merging Dorie Greenspan’s Chicken Recipes

When I was putting together the menu and looking at chicken recipes in Around My French Table, I found myself deep in indecision . . . so many delicious recipes! Hmmm, why not make a little Frankenrecipe? Why not, indeed.

I wanted to use the technique she describes in “Chicken in a Pot”, where the chicken is browned, vegetables are browned, and after these are placed in a dutch oven, a basic flour-and-water dough is made and placed around the rim of the pot and the lid squished down for oven cooking. The dough is more craft-project than edible, but I used a gluten free blend just in case we could use it later to sop up juices (we couldn’t; it was like eating Christmas tree ornaments):


Thankfully there is a picture of this on the cover of her book, because not one of my phone-photos is even viewable!

I had lovely organic prunes on hand and was fascinated by her recipe “M. Jacques’ Armagnac Chicken”, so this formed the base of my ingredient set – prunes, cognac, potatoes, onions, carrots. However, her “Hurry-Up and Wait” chicken had enticingly mentioned lifting up the skin and pushing in some herbed butter . . . and I still had some of that truffle salt . . . backtracking a bit, the ingredients:

chicken ingredients

Chicken ready to go in the oven:

chicken to go in

Note the lovely truffle-salted-butter peeking out from under the skin!

This was understandably quite delicious. Clara commented, “I don’t remember ever thinking that carrots were so delicious that I’d eat as many of them as I could get”. Really all of those roasted vegetables were quite transformed. An amazing dish.


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